5D VR Racing Simulator Events Trailer Hire

Looking for something to wow at your next event, car show, wedding, car launch or private party.

Hire our 5D Virtual Reality Racing Simulator Trailer…

Player Readys Racing Simulator Trailer for Hire in UK
An eye catching and technologically advanced trailer for your next event.

Our Racing Simulator Trailer is a 26ft fully branded self-contained beast which contains SIX R full sized racing Seats with the following features:

5D SFX Including:

  • Immersive Virtual Reality gives full sense of being inside the vehicle
  • Force Feedback Steering and Pedals
  • Wind Simulation to feel the air flow as you drive
  • Full Motion & Haptics – feel the corners and the road surfaces

What we can offer:

Fixed fee attendance at events such as weddings, car shows, racing tracks, product launches, corporate parties etc.

Pay per driver attendance at events with suitable footfall.

Hybrid upfront fee with reduced cost for pay-per-driver

We work with you to fit in with your team and event. We can offer branding opportunities and can travel anywhere in England & Wales.

Please contact us on events@player-ready.co.uk

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