About Player Ready VR Experience Centre

Player Ready Virtual Reality (VR) Cornwall is the premier place to experience the latest technology and experiences that Virtual Reality has to offer.

Our first venue opened in July 2018 at Rollers Roller Rink in Redruth, Cornwall UK. We then moved to our flag ship venue opened in Truro in the heart of the city full of VR & VR Racing Simulators in March 2019 with the Roller Rink site moving to Flambards Theme Park for Summer 2019 which will be there again in 2020.

Playing Virtual Reality is a great day out with the family when its raining and your on holiday in Cornwall.

JULY 2018:

Player Ready opened its doors on 21st July 2018 making us the biggest VR Arcade in Cornwall and maybe the UK with over 7 headsets all working at the same time.

AUGUST 2018:

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Dec 2018:

We began to test VR Racing Simulators using high quality seats, with force feedback, rumble, wind features and Virtual Reality.

March 2019: We opened a new venue in Truro, Cornwall with extended hours, kids clubs and events being held here.

April 2019: Player Ready was part of the #GameFX event held at Merlin Entertainments Thorpe Park Resort. Alongside a team providing console & retro gaming Player Ready invested in a 20 pod setup offering multiplayer, racing and vr games at this amazing Theme Park!

August 2019: During our second summer we operated from Truro, Redruth & Flambards Theme Park bringing VR to over 5,000 players.

October 2019: Player Ready is back at Thorpe Park Resort for the Fright Night 2019 season offering a 9 player setup including a 4 Player free-roam zombie experience, 4 standing VR experiences and a haunted Ghost Train Mine Cart ride – in a real mine cart!



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