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Player Ready Virtual Reality (VR) Cornwall is the premier place to experience the latest technology and experiences that Virtual Reality has to offer.

Our first venue opened in July 2018 at Rollers Roller Rink in Redruth, Cornwall UK.

The Player Ready @ Rollers Roller Rink centre has the following experiences:

2x @RealityCube Mixed Reality VR Green Screen Pods with HTC Vive Pro Headsets in a 8ft Cube.

4 x HTC Vive Headsets for multiplayer experiences allowing us to support upto 6 players at once when using the @RealityCubes as well.

1x PlayStation VR to play some of the Sony Exclusive VR Games either seated or standing using the PlayStation Move Controllers. Can also be used on some games for cross-play – for example Star Trek Bridge Crew.

2x Windows Mixed Reality Headsets for playing any Windows MR Exclusives.

4x Oculus Go Headsets which are used mainly for simple games or joining into Multiplayer games with the other headsets.

2x XBox One Games Consoles for non-VR gaming including using our Racing Seat which features Logitech Forcefeedback Steering Wheel, Peddles and Gear Shifter.

1x Racing Seat with Steering Wheel (as above) can be used in VR Racing as well such as Project Cars 2 and Dirt Rally.

We have a large 55″ screen down in our bar/cafe area so friends and family can watch as well as sofas and seating in our VR Area.

Playing Virtual Reality is a great day out with the family when its raining and your on holiday in Cornwall.

JULY 2018:

Player Ready opened its doors on 21st July 2018 making us the biggest VR Arcade in Cornwall and maybe the UK with over 7 headsets all working at the same time.

AUGUST 2018:

Great write up in CoinSlot today:

Engage! Holodecks inspire Player Ready launch in Cornwall

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