Player Ready at Flambards Theme Park | Cornwall

2020 will mark the third year Player Ready Virtual Reality has been at Flambards, Theme Park in Helston Cornwall.

The first year we were a new company and we popped up on Firework Spectacular in October 2018 half-term and had some amazing laughs. This led to our plans for 2019.

Then in 2019 we arrived in Summer 2019 freshly back from our experience at Thorpe Park #GAMEFX Event. We setup a whopping 13 stations in the heart of Flambards and throughout summer we met thousands of guests.

We had four player zombie experiences, racing simulators, Plank Experience and pods for a choice of games for all ages.

Player Ready is back in Flambards for 2020 in a more permanent role. We are building a VR Centre inside the indoor Exploratorium. Running whenever the outdoor rides are open. We will have a range of experiences which will change throughout the season.

During the Summer Holidays we will increase the amount and range of experiences to ensure we can handle the peak demands.

In 2019 we took thousands of funny photos from our photo booth and these can be found at our dedicated Social Media page here.

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