1-6 Players
60 Minutes
Player Ready Truro & Plymouth


Player Ready VR Cornwall opened its doors in July 2018 in Cornwall and in Feb 2019 in Plymouth, Devon

Our Escape rooms allow teams of upto 6 people to work together inside a Virtual Escape Room to find your way out of three completely different locations packed with a diverse range of puzzles. Each room has three different endings which depend on the number of secrets you discover. Be prepared to go beyond typical brainteasers and unravel the underlying story connecting all the predicaments.

As this is a Virtual Escape room you will use hand controller as Virtual Hands and we can do more inside a Virtual Environment than possible in a traditional Escape Room Scenario.

While you are at Player Ready you can also try one of the other 100’s of experiences including multiplayer Zombie Shooting games.

Mine Cornwall Escape Room

In 1964 the black rock mine in Yokon was closed due to a landslide, people and gold were lost forever inside it. The legend says that the miners trapped inside protect the gold ever since as “living-dead”. Many have tried to retrieve the gold, but none have succeeded. After many attempts you manage to find an old corridor that descends into the depths of the mine, but a landslide trapped you inside. Your only hope is to get the old elevator working, find a way to get out quickly because oxygen is running low!

Cold as Ice Escape Room Cornwall

Cold As Ice is another escape room adventure DLC for Tales of Escape, this time taking place in an old butcher’s shop in the UK. A really sweet old couple used to run this place, but recently they disappeared! You wake up to find yourselves locked inside the shop with no way out, your only option is to look around for clues to try and open the emergency exit, discovering the real story behind the disappearance on the way. Can you learn who locked you in here and escape before they come back?!?

Illusion Escape Room

Trapped inside your own mind, inside your own dream!Test subjects of a secret organization that is feeding you hallucinogenic drugs, you are lost between reality and dream.
Your guard is gone for 2 hours and you have to find the antidote and return to reality so you can escape! Nothing makes sense though…
Just when you thought you found the solution, a door transports you to another universe, you will have to fight against your own logic, because the dream can become a nightmare!




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