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Working with our Partners @RealityCube we can bring a fantastic Mixed Reality experience to your wedding, corporate event, Christmas party, birthday party or celebration. We can also attend Music and other events – anywhere we can shelter it from the rain and have electricity.

The @RealityCube is a 8ft x 8ft x 8ft frame which is put together at the event, inside is mounted a high quality Green Screen on all sides and a green screen chroma rubber flooring.

Neatly mounted on the front is three high-powered LED lights which brightly light the inside of the cube to produce a brightly lit quality green screen.

The outside is covered with a choice of white or black covers featuring our branding – but can be decorated to a degree to suit your brand. A custom cover can be created for your brand at additional cost.

Inside the Reality Cube is mounted a HD Camera which looks down from the top bar at the person(s) inside. We also mount our sensors for HTC Vive, Rift etc all within the Reality Cube.

Then your guests will step inside the box put on their Virtual Reality Headset such as the HTC Vive Pro and be transported to a different reality.

Outside the box anyone watching on our large 55″ Screen (or projector) can watch the player “mixed” live into the game so it really looks like the player is in another world. They may be walking a plank 55 floors up above a busy city, shooting the Walking Dead while ducking themselves behind cover or exploring the depths of the ocean.

We have games for all ages suitable from 8 years old to the oldest of players.

The Mixed Reality VR video is also recorded and is provided to you after the event by download. Reality Cube can also stream the Mixed Reality video live onto services such as Facebook.

@RealityCube is brilliant fun and will have people laughing (and screaming) or exploring your product launch such as new car in Virtual Reality.

The price starts at £450 to attend a 1 day event in most of the UK and this includes setup, hosting the event for 4 hours and packing away. We will also provide limited editing to produce a set of videos for downloading.

Additional services such as providing a photographer can be arranged.

The green-screen can also be used to produce the “fun” green screen photos now common at many events – we have a range of backgrounds, props etc – and can use any coporate images as backgrounds.

We can also provide @RealityCube for sale – please contact us for details.



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