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Driver Ready? Bring your friends to race in hundreds of cars of dozens of tracks!

Come along and try our Driving Simulators. Drop yourself into our Next Level Racing Ultimate seats, buckle the seat and pick from one of over 200 cars from go-karts to Formula One. Take the car onto all the famous worldwide tracks recreated in stunning detail with a choice of weather conditions, time of day.

Fancy driving Branshatch in a Audi R8 in the snow against your friends, work colleagues or family?

Or do you fancy go-karting around California ?

With our Simulators you have force feedback steering wheels, realistic pedals (including clutch) and the choice of either automatic, semi-automatic paddle shifters or full manual gearbox modes (depending on car).

Thats not all as you accelerate or slow air will be blown at you are various force to help the sense of total immersion.

Played within a Virtual Reality Headset or just by using the simulator mounted 43″ screen. The advantage of the VR headset is that it allows you to look around the car, check your mirrors, look behind you – each car exterior and interior has been recreated in stunning detail.

Not only that but our Butt Kicker system mounted underneath the seat helps you feel the road surface and driving conditions.

We have four simulators suitable for age 10+ to use but we also have two junior simulators (force feedback steering and VR only).

Coming in 2019 we will be adding an extra 4 Simulators to allow 8 racers to compete and will be holding leagues and race championships.


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