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Birthday Parties

Trying to find something extraordinary for your Birthday celebration? Something that won’t just be remembered but talked about for weeks?

Celebrate your Birthday at Player Ready VR, Gaming & Racing Centre!

We can even attend private parties throughout Cornwall & Plymouth with our events pods and we offer VIP Private Hire of our venues!

Our Truro VR Centre and has 8 VR Stations and four multiplayer VR Racing Stations.

A four console Xbox setup is available during parties!

This makes Player Ready Truro the best Kids Party Option in Cornwall. Fresh Coffee and Snacks/Cold Drinks available.

We have opened a Plymouth Virtual Reality Centre in Plymouth, Devon. This venue has 8 player virtual reality installation. Four player group racing simulator suite. A huge console room which has 8 Xbox One S consoles and 1 Nintendo Switch alongside a Gaming PC Suite. Plymouth also have retro consoles, extra VR headset.

Fresh Coffee and Snacks/Cold Drinks are available as well as comfy sofas, photo booth and escape rooms.

We offer a new and exciting challenge that will make your party one to remember!

Parties vary depending on how many players and length of play-time.

This is an example of a Plymouth budget package available off-peak.

Party Options:

Party Bags: £3.50

Player Ready Branded TShirts and Hoodies: £10-15 each

Player Ready Branded Caps & Beanie Caps: £8.00 each

We try to tailor every party to fit your needs and tastes. Speak to one of our party planners today by calling 01209-311581 or contact us

You can use the form below to send us a message about your party needs:


Indoor Racing Simulator Party

New for December 2018 you can now book VR Simulators for your party or mix them into any of our packages, no where else in Cornwall can you race safely upto 200 mph at 8 years old and above, then battle some Zombie Hordes before heading in Truro city for food or more fun.

To discuss our Racing Parties, VR & Racing Combo Parties or any other options please call us on 01209-311581 or email info@player-ready.co.uk.

Private VIP Parties

There’s simply no better way to create a unique and unforgettable memory than working together or fighting each other to escape an Player Ready VR Experience Centre.

We are happy to arrange your private event to allow time for refreshments, presents, and any other tricks you happen to have up your sleeve.


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