Interested in Franchising?


Are you looking for an exciting new business? Or something you can add onto your existing Family Entertainment Centre (FEC), Theme Park or Attraction!

Player Ready Virtual Reality (VR) & Gaming can adapt to most entertainment venues, or can also be suitable to set up as a stand alone gaming centre. With investment needed starting as low as £50,000, you can expect to make a full Return on Investment (ROI) within 2 years and achieve a steady income stream.

Why work with Player Ready?

  • Full technical support. We have a team of computer, network and technology experts who have provided UK Wide IT Solutions for over two decades.
  • Full access to marketing and brand reputation. Most VR providers in the UK are new as its a developing technology. Player Ready has already been seen for 20 weeks at one of the UK’s biggest Theme Parks and attended events UK Wide. With planned events in some of the UKs biggest shopping centres and potential to add more to support franchise holders.

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