VR Plymouth Coming Soon….


Player Ready VR will be opening a Plymouth Virtual Reality Centre in Feb 2020.

Come along and try the Player Ready Experience in the heart of Plymouth. As we have huge plans for Plymouth we will be operating in two venues in 2020.

FEB 2020 – SUMMER 2020: We will be operating a pop-up temporary site while we refurbish our main VR centre which will be open by Summer Holidays 2020.

During this phase you can book with confidence as both venues are less than 5 minutes walk apart. The same technology and options will be available at the final venue – it will just be bigger and better. 

Player Ready VR will be offering a range of Birthday Party Packages suitable for ages 6 and above. 

Multiplayer Virtual Reality comes to Plymouth. 

You may have tried VR elsewhere but the team from Player Ready is the same one which has received rave reviews in Cornwall. But also has run and hosted VR events for 18 weeks in 2019 at Thorpe Park in Sussex.

We have Zombies to terrify the teenagers, escape rooms to challenge the egg heads and racing simulators to delight the thrill seekers. 

Player Ready is the only place in Plymouth where young kids, teens & adults can find content to enjoy at the same time in one building. 

Visit us on our dedicated Facebook Page https://fb.com/VRPlymouth or call our HQ on 01209-311581.  Any questions you can ask a human via our Live Chat option in the bottom right of this page!




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